August 28, 2019 | Entrepreneur

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No, this post is not about your car. However, this post is focused on whether you are aligned with who you are, what you do and how you do it. Not unlike cars, your alignment matters, it helps keep you running smoothly and on the road so that you can get to where you want to be. There are three aspects of alignment that I’m focusing on here. Read through while honestly asking yourself how these land.
Let’s get started.

Are You Living Authentically?

What I mean by “living authentically” is whether or not you are showing up as you want to be and you acting as you want to be? Or do you find yourself stressed and unsure of your next steps? If you find yourself experiencing friction points in different aspects of your life? Your alignment may be off. I, for one, have struggled a great deal in my past to show up as I am. There were times that I struggled with confidence, so I held back opinions that could serve the growth of the business. Other times I committed to tasks that were not in my realm of abilities that would have been better suited to another colleague. Not knowing who I am and how to express myself impacted my development along the way.

How Many Versions Of You Do You Live?

As I typed this question I couldn’t help but picture “Two-Face” the fictional nemesis of Batman – he was Harvey Dent the District Attorney then he became the villain, Two-Face, seeking revenge. Perhaps the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde story rings a bell? Hopefully, you get the picture here, when we are out of alignment we can wear different masks in attempts to “hold it together” to get through the day, to meet a deadline, etc. The question then becomes, how did your chosen approach impact others in the workplace? Did it serve the growth of the business and you or, did it have a net negative impact on the culture and team? With reflection, many questions can arise. I certainly have stepped on toes along the way, upset employees and colleagues. I continue to be mindful of how my words and actions may impact others, sometimes it’s a fine balance requiring me to quickly pivot from a position of friction to that strength and support that serves others.

Are You The Same Person At Home & Work?

This is closely connected to the previous question, with more of a focus on how you are with family and friends. If we are acting out of alignment, we can appear and occur as inauthentic to others. If unaware of how you come across, this can impact others negatively, whether at home or work.

Imagine for a moment the loving, supportive parent who is present at home with his family – however, when this person goes to work perhaps they are a tyrant in the workplace – thereby creating a toxic work environment — making demands of the team that are ineffective. Digging into why this person is approaching work so differently than their home life is worth exploring. Perhaps this work stress is a lack of career fit, understaffing, sales numbers. The sooner this person discovers how their alignment is off, the sooner they can course-correct.  Then take the necessary actions to build a workplace approach that is based on the character and values lived in one’s home life.

Perhaps this example doesn’t quite register for you but, can you envision the high performing achiever at work, leading a team yet having very little left over for his family and friends? The risk is high. Family life, if overlooked, can begin to fall apart, the impact that this stress can have on the workplace and your performance are potentially huge. Again, reflection, talking and learning about how you occur can make a big difference in your overall success and alignment of who you are.

Are you looking to make some changes at work? Show up as you are and lead the team in a manner that lands well for them and you feel good about your day’s work? It’s all achievable. Click here to begin the conversation.

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