August 20, 2019 | Entrepreneur

Two People Working Together

Yes, I have a bias. My bias is you.

Your needs. Your development. Your dreams. Your goals. Your performance.

Coaching you through workplaces challenges, effective communication and/or goals means that I get into the details of what matters to you. It’s essential that my own personal biases are not involved. My job and focus are to serve you and what you need at that moment. I build a relationship to help elevate you to where you want to be.

If I were to insert any other bias into a conversation with you, it might cause defensiveness and potential halting of the relationship. I’m human, I make mistakes – but, I work really hard to catch my biases and course-correct before I speak.

Having any other bias other than you wouldn’t help. This is all about you!

The greatest pleasure is serving my clients and what they need. This happens by listening very closely to what is being asked, responses and ultimately the actions that are being taken. Any incongruity provides excellent insights as to how you can grow and learn.

Staying focused on “my bias,” you, ensures that growth and the appropriate support and trust is built. Here are some testimonials that will give you a sense of what others like yourself have experienced.

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