December 20, 2021 | Entrepreneur

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I listen to any Rick Rubin interviews that I can get my hands on. Rick is the famous music producer who put hip hop on the map in the 80s and has gone on to work with the who’s who of the music industry. I find his insights transcend music. His skill as a questioner/interviewer is powerful.

In a recent podcast with Rick Rubin, he said something that immediately resonated with me: “I like to make things better.” He went on to say that he has directed a movie and several other projects outside of music. The interviewer was shocked that Rick has stepped out of the music lane. Rick stated that it doesn’t matter what the business is if there is an opportunity to make it better; he gets interested.

It’s no wonder that he has been successful. He helps people get to the heart of the matter quickly.  He calls himself a “Reducer” a nice play on words for a Producer.  This is a skill that I work to develop as a business coach. The ability to strip away what is a distraction, unnecessary or irrelevant, is a great way to achieve what you want.

This is likely the best way to describe what I do. I help make things better. Clients come to me with an issue; then, we partner together to make the situation better and come out on top. In my mind, it’s a creative challenge – one that continually evolves. The micro-habit adjustments along the way make a big difference over time.

Working together can improve your daily habits, business and increase your bottom line while ultimately helping you communicate more effectively both internally and with clients.

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