May 6, 2020 | Entrepreneur

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Have you ever listened to a commencement speech from an incredibly successful leader? Perhaps it was Steve Jobs’ speech to Stanford University grads or Barack Obama to the graduating class at Howard University.

What do these leaders have in common?

They are incredibly effective communicators. These leaders communicate so well that they can mobilize thousands of people to come together.

Communication is arguably one of the most important skills we can have. The ability to effectively communicate with others is essential for connection, relationship, needs, and careers.

Focusing on strong communication is incredibly important in advancing in a career and building a business. Without communicating needs, wants, next steps, it can complicate growth. Achieving buy-in and support from others is how we move forward – lacking effective communication skills can negatively impact all aspects of leadership and business.


Relationships built on effective communication lead to trust, empathy and co-operation. Building, maintaining, and growing relationships is how all businesses ultimately succeed. Relationships tend to break down due to poor communication.

Managing Teams

Imagine the effects of poorly communicating with teams. Here are some examples:

  • What the expectations of the employees are. There could be no cohesiveness in the team.
  • Where the business is heading. No one would have a sense of purpose and goals to strive towards.
  • The necessity of course correction. If feedback is not provided swiftly and effectively the business can suffer.
  • Acknowledgment of team successes. How could advancement happen?

Learning to communicate more effectively is integral as a leader.

Selling & Marketing

Communication is key when seeking to understand the needs of others, how to position the product in the marketplace, clearly stating how the potential customer’s need is addressed through your service or product. This is the backbone of any good sales plan and marketing strategy.


Transparency with your team will always build trust. Make it a priority to be honest with your team about potential bottlenecks or roadblocks you are facing, and enlist their help! The ability to communicate what issues are occurring in a business and the necessary steps to adjust the path is essential. The cost of not being transparent with your team could lead to skepticism and mistrust in the company down the road.


Innovation is built on previous ideas, and growth starts with a fundamental understanding of something, followed by clearly taking the ideation to another level, and then creating something new. This can only be done by effectively communicating ideas. No product or idea exists without language; the ability to communicate the idea is essential to mobilize the innovation cycle.


The importance of effective communication cannot be understated. Improving your communication through an executive coach is a great way to take your leadership skills to a higher level and improve staff retention, decrease work friction points and solidify your business for the future.

Communicating is more than being heard; it’s about being understood and understanding others.

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