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Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive or leader, there are times in one’s career when it might seem nearly impossible to achieve your goals. It’s common—no doubt about it. What is also common is allowing that perceived impossibility as insurmountable. This is a waste of time and energy. There is a way through the challenges and obstacles. It can be helpful to look for clues in other people’s successes that can drive you and your business to great success as well.

Reach Your Summit Starting Today!

An incredibly popular docu-series on Netflix is The Last Dance featuring Micahel Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during their dynasty. The team was unstoppable. Yes, they had Micahel Jordan, who is the greatest of all time (if you disagree, watch this!), and an excellent supporting cast featuring a top ten player in Scottie Pippen. But, they also had Phil Jackson, the most successful NBA coach of all time. This cast culminated in arguably one of the greatest teams in the history of sports.

Something that Michael Jordan said that stood out to me:

“We went from a sh*tty team to one of the all-time best dynasties.

All you needed was one little match to start that whole fire.”

Cue Pearl Jam and the montage of Bulls highlights, and you find yourself transported to a place of possibilities.

A spark of a match is all that it takes to create change, possibilities and successes. Take a moment and reflect on where you are at in your career.

How is your business doing?

Do you have the right people on the bus?

Who do you need to add?

What direction do you want to head in?

What little match will create that fire in you and others?

It is possible to figure out what can act as the proverbial match that gets the fire roaring. We can do this together. Reach out here to get the coaching conversation started. You, your business and your clients deserve it!

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