July 30, 2019 | Entrepreneur

What Is Your Summit?

We all have a “summit” in our professional lives. Summit, goals and peaks are interchangeable for this purpose. As much as some of us may not be outdoorsy, per se, we all have goals and dreams, so this imagery typically depicts exactly what is intended – a distance peak where one reaches through determined performance. The exciting thing about goals is that these can stir up fear of failure for some, overconfidence in others and a lack of clarity for most. By clarifying the importance of the goal, it makes the necessary steps far more apparent. But it doesn’t end there; summits continue to form on the horizon – new adventures await within the work sphere.

My goal in launching City To Summit Inc is to be the person who partners with a driven, goal-oriented professional who wants to take their business and career to an entirely new level, without losing track of what is most important in their life.

My invitation is to be there with Entrepreneurs, Executives, Salespeople and Realtors as they navigate workplace challenges – address the friction points along the way and ultimately improve business through your interactions with colleagues and clients alike. This is done through performance advising and executive coaching conversations.

Have a look at what past clients have said as they reached their goals.

Contact me to discuss what you want to accomplish in your future.

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